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03/04 II. European SEC Meeting of MB Coupés Europe in Copenhagen (Denmark) Copenhagen 2004
02/04 Spring Meeting of the Mercedes-Benz W126 Club in Hofheim Info-click >>> Hofheim 2004
02/03 SEC-Meeting of MB Coupés Europe in Arnhem (The Netherlands) Info-click >>> Arnhem 2003
07/02 W126-Meeting 2002 in Eisenach/Thuringia Info-click >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Eisenach 2002
02/02 For members of our 420SEC Registry:
If you would like to be informed about what's going on, please, drop me an email,
if your email address has changed!
Best Regards Wolf
02/02 W126-Treffen 2002 in der Schweiz
W126-Meeting in Switzerland 2002
Emmental 2002
11/01 mbcoupes jetzt auch in Europa !
mbcoupes also in Europe now !
MB Coupés Europe
11/01 Coupes and Cabrios updated. C & C
11/01 "VdH /8 IG"-Meeting in Dresden/Moritzburg. VdH in DD
10/01 SL-Pagode-Meeting in Dresden. Pagodes in DD
10/01 First impressions and pictures of the "Steiermark 2001" meeting on the updated website of the MB-W126 Club. More here ! Steiermark pics
09/01 Historical Touring Cars Trophy on the Sachsenring Sachsenring
08/21 W126-Treffen in Österreich Steiermark 2001
08/14 New pics on Meetings Page. Kultfahrzeugtreffen
08/14 A good oportunity: This News Page included. News
08/14 Great Crash ! Site empty, all lost. New upload in progress. Look for bugs !
08/2001 Pics from the MB W126 Club. Glemseck
07/2001 Old- and Youngtimer Meetings launched. Updated continuously. Meetings
06/2001 Nothing is impossible. Stretched
06/2001 In "sedan look" ... Coupes & Cabrios
05/2001 The 420SEC flop. Production figures
04/2001 Guestbook opened.
04/2001 Stars Salad, a new delicacy. Stars Salad
03/2001 Where the SEC face comes from. SEC face
02/2001 List of 420SECs for sale launched. Hundred 420SECs
08/2000 The 420SEC Community was born.