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Road maps for the North Cape Tour 2006

For printing out your own road maps of the dayly stages, follow these instructions:

1. Click the particular location of Departure for a chosen stage! MICHELIN Route Planner opens.
2. Click Stopovers, options!
3. Click Display stopovers!
4. Fill in Address and/or City and Country of Departure for this stage!
5. Fill in Address and/or City and Country of Destination for this stage!
6. Fill in Cities and Countries of the Stopovers for this stage in the right order as given in the table below!
7. Scroll down! Optionally you can insert the departure date of this stage.
8. Specify the route Recommended by Michelin!
9. Specify average petrol consumtion!
10. Specify (average) Petrol costs: 1.30 EUR.
11. Click button o.k.! Your Route Plan with a small Route Map opens.
12. Click Print at the top of the Route Plan! The print version of your Route Plan is generated.
13. Click [Print] at the top of this page to print out your Route Plan with km and driving time.
14. Click [Print road map] at the top of this page! The print version of your Route Map is generated.
15. Click + to zoom in the map of your own choice. You can split the route into several parts to see more details.
16. Click [Print] at the top of this map to print out your Route Map (or the chosen parts successively).
17. Click Close at the top of this map. You return to the Route Plan.
18. Click [Return to the Route Plan] at the top of this page.
19. Now you may Change route for another route planning. It is better to close this window and to return to our instructions site.
20. For checking purposes, compare km and time on your Route Plan with the values given in the table below!

Departure - Stopovers - Destination
 km Driving time

1June 17   Meeting point: FDM Camping Tangloppen near Copenhagen (DK),
   take (E55, E47) E20 towards Copenhagen, leave E20 at gateway Greve

Greve (DK) - Tangloppen 2, Ishoj (DK)





2June 18 Tangloppen 2, Ishoj (DK) - Joenkoeping (S) - Oerebro (S) - Furuvik (S) Furuvik Camping  804  10h 46min

3June 19 Furuvik (S) - Umea (S) - Hortlax (S) Mohems Camping, Pitsund 260  698  11h 12min

4June 20 Hortlax (S) - Tornio (SF) - Rovaniemi (SF) (Arctic Circle 66 deg. 33') - Inari (SF) Uruniemi Camping  634    9h 12min

5June 21 Inari (SF) - Karasjok (N) - North Cape (N)  383    5h 27min

71 deg. 10' 21" North      Total     2519  36h 37min

North Cape (N) - Skarsvag (N) - Honningsvag (N)    40         46min

6June 22 Honningsvag (N) - Hammerfest (N)  180    2h 54min

7June 23

Day of rest in the most
northern town of the world.

Hotell Skytterhuset (Riflemen's House!)

8June 24 Hammerfest (N) - Oteren (N) (Storfjord)  404   6h 40min

9June 25 Oteren (N) - Narvik (N) - Fauske (N) Fauske Camping & Motell  443    6h 35min

10June 26 Fauske (N) - Mo i Rana (N) - Trondheim (N)  657    9h 33min

11June 27Trondheim     Day of rest or - optionally, after a good night's rest - to tackle the next
                       very challenging stage via Trollstigen to Geirangerfjorden.

12June 28 Trondheim (N) - Eresfjord (N) - Andalsnes (N) - Geiranger (N) - Skjak (N) Turistheim-Skeid kro  492    7h 47min

13June 29 Skjak (N) - Lillehammer (N) - Holmenkollveijen 200, Oslo (N)

    12:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Meeting at Lillehammer Autocar Museum (Veteranbilmuseet)

    About 7:00 p.m. Meeting with Norwegian W/V/C126 enthusiasts at: Frognerseteren.
    Guests are welcome! Farewell Party with open end.

 373    5h 43min

14June 30 Oslo (N) - Helsingborg (N) - Helsingoer (DK) - Tangloppen 2, Ishoj (DK)  576    7h 33min

Total    5684 84h 8min

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