MB Coupés Europe

North Cape Tour 2006

1. General remarks

This will be the first tour under the aegis of MB Coupés Europe. It is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of SEC launch and aims at an appreciation and compliment for this milestone in Mercedes-Benz Coupés' history from our international community of SEC owners being the one and only free union of real enthusiasts of this classic of all classics in the world.
Since we are no club, no company and no travel bureau, neighter accomodation nor sightseeing will be booked in advance but must be organized operationally in the course of the tour and by the common effort of the touring team. So some experience in free tourism would without doubt be of advance for the participants.
The dayly stages of the drive range from about 400 km to about 700 km and will depend on the common condition of the team as well as on the weather, location of camping sites (or hotels) for break, objects of interest along the route etc. You should feel that this joint adventure more resembles a relatively hard touristy rallye than a Sunday excursion! A little fittness is required, may be more psychological than physical one but even so. It's not Paris-Dakar (9000km) yet and not 600 km offroad with maximum speed a day but you also have to accept long distances mainly caring on yourself, to look about your route, to plan your personal routine of the day, to manage your overnight stay, to take care of your vehicle and last but not least to be a clear-sighted and save driver because it goes without saying that the attendance is on your own risk and you cannot count neighter on a well-equipped service team nor on a pastor! Just be among us and play your role for generation of a good atmosphere, then you will gather comradeship.
Our route to North Cape is about 150 km longer than the shortest one but it has been chosen with respect to road conditions and for the purpose to regularly touch larger towns for the case of necessary service. We plan to move quickly from Copenhagen, our meeting point, to North via Sweden and Finland and want to reach North Cape (71° North) within four days right at summer solstice, i. e. on June 21.
Northerly from Rovaniemi (SF) where we will cross the Arctic Circle the sun will not set during our entire stay. So have a good night's rest afore at home to be fit for this spectacle! We will spend our first day of rest in Hammerfest, the northernmost town in the world.
The route back to South is led through Norway along the West Coast (E6) with its famouse fjord landscape. Insiders claim that the average driving speed there will hardly be higher than 60 km/h but we hope to find enough time for visiting this or another interesting place at the roadside. Therefore, the stages are a little bit but not substantially shorter, typically 400 km a day. Optionally, the second day of rest we plan to spend in Trondheim.
At our arrival in Oslo (N) on Thursday, June 29, 2006 we will meet our friends of the Norwegian W/V/C126 Community. The tour will end in Copenhagen on Friday evening, so you can plan your drive home for Saturday.
One should also be aware that we will not drive in line but come to an agreement among the touring team on successive meeting points during the dayly stages of the tour. Contact with the team must be held by means of mobile phone!

Look for the instructions for printing out your own road maps!
Already today many thanks to our local advisers Steinar R. Skånhaug(N) from the 420 SEC Community and Jørn Nordvik(N) from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Club.

2. SEC North Cape Tour 2006


km Time

1June 17Meeting of the team in Copenhagen(DK)

2June 18Copenhagen-Øresund Bridge-Malmö(S)-Jönköping-Ørebro-Gævle 79010.5 h
3June 19Gævle-Sundsvall-Umeå-Luleå 73812 h
4June 20Luleå-Tornio(SF)-Rovaniemi-Inari 5788.5 h
5June 21Inari-Karasjok(N)-Honningsvåg-North Cape3825.5 h
6June 22North Cape-Hammerfest 2063.5 h
7June 23Hammerfest
8June 24Hammerfest-Skibotn (Storfjord) 4567 h
9June 25Skibotn-Narvik-Fauske 4396.5 h
10June 26Fauske-Mo i Rana-Trondheim 6569.5 h
11June 27Trondheim
12June 28Trondheim-Åndalsnes-Geiranger-Otta (-optionally-) 5468.5 h
13June 29Otta-Lillehammer-Oslo (Meeting with Norwegian MB enthusiasts at Frognerseteren) 2964.5 h

14June 30Oslo-Göteborg-Helsingborg (ferry)-Helsingör-Copenhagen 5598 h

Total563384.5 h

15July 1Home

Instructions for printing out your own Road maps: Click here!

3. Recommendations to be well prepared

Your SEC:
Make a full-service revision of your vehicle.
Change engine oil, brake fluid. Check gearbox ATF, refill servo pump oil, differential gear hypoide oil.
Check brakes, fan belts, lights, tires (good profile, little snow is possible), spare wheel (bolts).
Don't forget a jerry can (20 l, funnel), sparkplugs (plug spanner), replacement bulbs, ATF, engine oil,
tool kit (wheel brace), towrope, first-aid kit.

Driving and insurance:
Passport or valid national identity card, driving licence, vehicle registration certificate, green card of auto liability insurance,
international motor vehicle tag (D, NL, USA etc.), EU license number plate is not adequate!!!
Coverage for property damage accident is in N lower than in D, i.e. ADAC PlusMembership or the like is recommended.
Partner in N is NAF = Norges Automobil Forbund. Consult your insurance agent! This also concerns your health insurance.
Headlight obligation in DK, S, SF, N round the year, high monetary fines!
Study the speed-limits in DK, S, SF, N, high speeding fines!

Overnight stays:
Carry along: tent, minimum camping equipment, bed linen for accomodation in a summer cottage or camper cabin, weather-proof and warm clothes, sanitary products, individual protection from mosquitoes, flash light, camera ...
Accomodation in hotels is rather expensive and in general not foreseen. Individual requirements have to be gratified in an operational manner!
Accomodations in Copenhagen and Hammerfest for the team members with St.-Nr. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 have been booked!

4. Confirmed members of the touring team

St. Nr.Reg. Nr.First NameNameTownSECYear

126Paul (2)van LijdenZeewolde (NL) 5001986
26Wolf (1)WagnerDresden (D) 4201986
38Gerben (1)van VlimmerenZegge (NL) 5601986
44Erich (1) MatzekBisingen (D) 420 (LPG)1988
5122Peter (2) AhlfMünster (D) 5601991
6125Sean (2) RoheRüsselsheim (D) 5001989
7123Jay (1) HirschTomkins Cove (USA) 560 (US)1990
8116Erling T. HansenFrederiksberg (DK) 3801983
935Steinar SkånhaugStroemmen (N) 4201987
10amicus curiaeJørn NordvikOslo (N) 560SEL (US)1988
11128Jan LindSlependen (N) 5601987