420SECs in Germany

892 420SECs were registered in Germany on July 1, 1999 !
From those e.g. 56 in Berlin and four in Saxony.
I bought the only one registered in Saxony-Anhalt (SA) and moved it to Saxony!

174 157 56 3 7 24 80 2 83 204 43 15 4 1 35 4 892
(Info from Martin Makolski.)

These data were used to bake the German 420SEC-cake where every piece represents the number of 420SECs per million of voters; yes, "voters" and not inhabitants because it seems to be very unlikely that a baby is a car holder. The differences are not so evident for West-Germany; a little bit more in the Daimler-Homelands (BW = Baden-Würtemberg) and in the capital of Germany (BER = Berlin). But in East-Germany (BRA = Brandenburg, MV = Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, SS = Saxony, SA = Saxony-Anhalt, TH = Thuringia) the 420SEC is really a rarity. Where the 420SECs running in Germany are to search can be nicely seen in a graph of the upper table.

Richard's sexy maid of honour.

Refering to MB-W126.de of Markus Wagner from Germany, about 70% of the 420SECs produced were exported. By formal application of Higher Mathematics one can find that 1104 cars remained in Germany and 80.8% of them survived till 1999. Since the center of gravity of the production figures is in August 1987, 212 vehicles were damaged during these 12 years till July 1999; means, in average of course, 17.7 exemplars per year or roughly one 420SEC in every 20 days. This would really be a catastrophe !!! Let's hope that some of them will be found in the garages of pensioners or have left Germany in a civil manner.

Junk or "stolen"

# Info Town CC MM/YY Tkm YY Comment
1 Martin Makolski Frankfurt/M. D xx/87 . 99 rear collision, anthracite/grey leather appointment and engine sold
2 Ralf Schürmann Plettenberg D 09/90 160 98 1st hd., nautic blue/grey vel., two airbags, memory, alloy rims, stolen in CZ !
3 Gerben van Vlimmeren . NL . . 00 stolen and then burned up in Limburg/D
4 Gerben van Vlimmeren . NL . . 00 collision, sold in a parts shop in Breda
5 Your message ... . . . . . .