MB Coupés Europe North Cape Tour 2006

MB Coupés Europe

MB Coupés Europe

invites to the

North Cape Tour 2006

dedicated to the 25th anniversary of SEC launch.

The non-plus-ultra in SEC history!

From Copenhagen through Sweden, Finland and Norway.
Solstice at the most northern point of our continent.

Nature pure and elk test live!

Once a milestone the SEC makes miles today.

*** Rallye finished uneventful ! ***

Read carefully!

This tour is for uncomplicated SEC enthusiasts with open mind, who are able to arrange their dayly life by their own and who have the talent of individual estimation, operative improvisation and stressless subordination aiming at a friendly atmosphere of comradeship in the team. The general planning can be followed at this site. Parties interested in joining the team should send an email to mbcoupes_europe and announce their names, address, age, SEC type and, of course, their ideas, suggestions, helpful hints and probably essential expiriences they have made in these countries. The participation in this tour is at your own risk and to the debit of your own cash. The organizers refuse any liability which may arise from injuries to persons or damage to cars or any other property. Announcement of participation needs in confirmation but automatically confirms acknowledgement and approval of these conditions of participation.

Look here for informations!