MB Coupés Europe

is the Community of C126 Enthusiasts in the "old world".

The timeless elegant Mercedes-Benz C126 S-class Coupé replaced the SLC in 1981. In memory of the C107, the SEC got by inheritance the typical SL radiator grill. Although technics as well as nobleness of interior had taken a steep development since the 1960ies, the SEC can be understood as the legitimate successor of those legendary and now classical W111 Coupés which, at that time, have written part of the history of the later Mercedes-Benz S-class. In second series, the C126 was built till 1991. Despite of their youth the

380SEC 420SEC 500SEC 560SEC

have already become cultcars and found numerous lovers all over the world.

You for sure do know the US SEC-enthusiasts' website MB Coupés which superseded the former 560SEC Group, the very first SEC community. This beautiful and informative site supports communication between SEC enthusiasts worldwide. We are in good contact with the initiators. We do not compete.
MB Coupés Europe is the partner community in the "old world". Unfortunately, the way over the ocean is a little bit far to really attend a SEC meeting in the "new world". Therefore, we restrict the activities to our home continent.

MB Coupés Europe provides a platform for communication and interchange of experience between SEC enthusiasts in Europe. As members of our community, the owners of these fascinating "youngtimers" can become acquainted with each other. At first virtually via email or web, but for sure also personally in near future. More than ever the boundaries in Europe are falling down, and our continent is growing together. Our vehicles are fast enough to cross it within half a day. Sometimes we will gather to an impressive "Starfleet". Let us strongly believe in such an event! May be it will happen even not in a distant future.

The voluntary membership in our SEC Community is free of charge.

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Nice photographs of your SEC in home environment for our gallery are cordially welcome.

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